Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh
A Social, Cultural and Human development organization

Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Project Name: Asserting Migrant Rights (AMR)
Project Duration: August 2013 to December’2016.
Funding organization: MJF

Project Goal: Increase access of migrant service to establish enhanced opportunities for safe migration.

Project Purpose: Encourage policy reform to ensure accountability.
* Develop capacities to use the 2013 law in combating fraudulence and violation of rights
* Ensure better service to migrant.
* promote right to reintegration of returnee migration.

Project Output: Training and skill Development.
*Institutionalization of migrants rights protection committees (MRPC)
*Service to migrants and their families.
*Digital intervention.
*Reintegration of returnee migrants.

Beneficiary/Stakeholder: Migrants and their family members, Community people, Community elites, Union Parished , GO and NGO officials in working areas.

Short description: This project will be continuing MRPC Monthly meeting.
•MRPC provide several direct services through field intervention for public awareness.
•Counseling by MRPC. about bank loan, visa checking , passport preparation , compensation collection, and other migrant rights issue.
•Awareness raising activity by MRPC (like court yard meeting , maiking, video film presentation. Rally.etc)
•Counseling and service by DEMO.
•Pre decision and pre departure training for migrants.
•International Migration day observation.
•Provide digital service in previous working area.

Project working areas:

District Upazila Union Remarks
Chittagong Mirsarai 9 no Mirsarai Union
12 no Koiachara Union
15 no Wahedpur Union
16 no Saherkhali Union
Sitakundu 7 no Kumira Union
2 no Baroiadala Union
Anwara 7 no Anwara Union
4 no Bottoly Union
1 no Boirag Union

Major Achievements: 16 Pre decision training for migrant.

  • 08 pre departure training for migrant worker.
  • 09 MRPC Committee formation.
  • Project office set-up.
  • Potential and returnee migrant registration
  • Provide digital service.
  • Provide Skill development driving training for returnee migrant .

Case study/Success story

Md. Enamul Haque (22) son of Md. Tajul Islam (60), a resident of Paschim Kismat Jafrabad, post office Mirsarai, district of Chittagong. His father Md. Tajul Islam had been working as labour migrant in Saudi Arabia from 16/08/1998 to 20/02/2016 (18 years). His family was running well with remittance. Unfortunately, Tajul Islam had fallen into accident and died on last 20 February in 2016. With the news of his father’s death Mr. Enamul became frustrated and he was doubtful to bring his father’s dead body as he did not know the process. In addition to that, he had no financial sufficiency to bring the dead body from Saudi Arabia. In this situation, he went door to door to find out the way forward and support in that regard. At this time, he met a local person Mr. Shahid. Mr. Shahid said that he will help Mr. Enamul to bring his father’s dead body. To do that, he demanded 10 thousand taka from Mr. Enamul Haque.
Mr. Enamul got prepared to provide 10 thousand taka to Mr. Shahid and accordingly he was going to UP office to collect relevant documents. On the way, Mr. Enamul however met Mr. Jasim Uddin, a member of Migrants Rights Protection Committee (MRPC). Mr. Jasim Uddin suggested him (Enamul) to go to District Employment and manpower Office (DEMO) in Chittagong instead of providing money to Mr. Shahid. Mr. Jasim promised to go to DEMO office with Mr. Enamul. Mr. Jasim Uddin assisted Mr. Enamul in lodging the claim for compensation and brings his father’s dead body accordingly.
Through maintaining the due process with the assistance of MRPC Mr. Enamul became success to avoid the fraudulence and received 4,50,000 taka as compensation from employer agency in Saudi Arabia and also govt. part through DEMO.