People become resources’ dependant from time immemorial. Problem arising when people are moving towards unsustainable development approach rather than sustainable development approach globally. It is seemed that the people of the world are now more conscious about saving the air, water and soil than previous times. SONGSHOPTAQUE is committed to conserve and develop natural environment in a sustainable way. Thus the organization is moving forward to build a long-term partnership with various organizations and working for setting up a strong network in national and international arena.

Objectives of SEDP

To promote community based and participatory afforestation along the coastal embankments, roadside, households and individual nursery development.

To encourage community based fisheries programs in the coastal brown fields and derelict ponds.

Raising voice on ‘Pani Chai Ditey HobeyParibesh Banchao (Save the Environment), “Nadi Banchao”(Save the Rivers) and “Pahar Kanta Bandho Koro” (Stop Hill Cutting)

  • Movement.
  • Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Organize Research/Training/Seminar/Symposium/Dialogue
  • Material development

To ensure sustainable development and management of the environment.

 Current Activities

    • Movement of ‘Right to Water’
    • CBO Formation
    • Plantation
  • Awareness raising
  • Day Observation (World Water Day, World Environment Day, International River Protection Day, World Ozone Day etc)
  •  Demonstrative programs (Human Chain, Seminar, Dialogue, Mass Communication etc)
  • Material Development
  • Networking
  • SONGSHOPTAQUE is a member of CEDA (Chittagong Environment Development Association)
  • The organisation is an active member of ChaPA (Chattagram Paribesh Bachaow Andolon)
  • It is also an active member of PRD (Peoples Rivers Defender)
  • Participate in the programs of BELA, BAPA IUCN etc.Eestablish Climate Change Information & Resource Centre Chittagong
  • Halda Bachaow Krishi Bachaow Movement


On the occasion of Gas explosion in Tengra tilla, Songshoptaque has successfully organised grassroots level people of Chittagong and raised voice against the oil terrorists.Canadian Oil company ‘NIKO Resources’ has been operating the Tengra tilla gas field of Chatak, Sylhet when  it was exploded.

Resources of about Tk  8000 crore has been destroyed and made a long-term effect on environment which could never be replenished even by 100 years. Songshoptaque organised a human chain protesting this explosion and demanded an exemplary punishment of the big guns of home and abroad responsible for looting our national petroleum resources. This movement was assisted financially by Action Aid Bangladesh.

Songshoptaque has begun a signature collection program to build up people’s opinion to save the Foy’s Lake (Foy’s Lake Banchao Andolan) from pollution. Foy’s Lake has been the only source of drinking water for Railway Colony since the then British rule. This artificial lake has always been the target point of the elite class of the society. Now it has completely been using for commercial purposes to provide recreation. As a result the lake water has become not suitable for drinking water source.            

Songshoptaque has undertaken an initiative to address the Water crisis of  Chittagong Metropolitan areas. In this perspective, Songshoptaque has conducted several meetings with the communities of Askarabad, Pathantuli and Pahartali Railway colony about their water crisis and is now organising movements along with the Chittagong Nagorik Uddog.