Adolescents and Youths Development Activities of SONGSHOPTAQUE                                    

  ” Amra Alor Pathey “
  (We are in the Course of Light of the Knowledge)

In respect of the better psychophysics growth, developing the lifestyle and facilitating the friendly environment to the children, adolescents and youths, accompanied with 14 different development organizations in chittagong, ADF (Adolescent Development Organization) has been formed, and Songshoptaque is one among of them. For attaining all Classes ratification in order to establishing and reserving the Rights for the Children with Disabilities, Songshoptaque has recently established five Self-Help resource centers named after Amra Alor Pathey (English meaning is that We are in the Course of Light of the Knowledge) for the PWDs. It is accomplished mainly in three ways; firstly, carrier building through capacity enhancement on extra curricula activities of the adolescents and young males and females with hearing and speech disabilities. Secondlybuilding relationship and networking with the media and development institutions to channelize the support and services. Thirdly, building Self-Help Organizations for the children, adolescnt and youths like “Amra Alor Pothey”.

“Let— the furnished culture being remained, having been disclosed the full moon of hidden genius.” with this notion the social, cultural and development organization, Songshoptaque, has set its travel out. Considering the Right Approached Development mainly; to shape real structure of the Nationwide Development Approach, Songshoptaque, from its very beginning, included the Child and Adolescent Development Issue in its ongoing activities.

“Amra Alor Pathey’’ the platform for the Children, Adolescent and Youths:

For achieving the organizational skill, exposing the well furnished culture, flourishing the hidden genius and developing the leadership—Songshoptaque has a platform for the children and adolescent “Amra Alor Pothey”. Among the five ALPs, of which three ALPs are in Chittagong Metropolitan area and another two ALPs are in Anwara Upazila. Potential children with disabilities lead this platform where they learn, practice and perform. People with speech, hearing, visual, physical, intellectual disabilities are the regular member of these centers. They develop their hidden potentials through reading books, newspapers, journals, computers and enjoying movies & audio records. There is a somebody call these centers as recreation center, some call learning center. Whatever the people call it in different names; these are the platforms of the PWDs to raise their own collective voice in a collective way – “Amra Alor Pathey”.ALP, with its activities sketched up as below:

Cultural Squad:

With the notion of for the better tomorrow, a well-organized cultural squad has been formed accompanied with the ALP members. This squad has already been performed lot of right-based cultural programs on Bangladesh Television other than CTV, RTV, Bangladesh Radio Station, Chattagram Jila Shilpakal Academy, Shahid Minar and different spots of Chittagong city by this time. Moreover, there is a Team of Recitation, Dance and of Handicraft which been highly praised in various times.

Theatre Group:

Meanwhile, based on the lifestyle and the problems with disabilities as well as the PDWs right, a play entitled “Ekjon Jiboner Golpo” has platformed for ten times. Two Street Dramas, for creating awareness on Birth Registration and Drinking Safety Water and Sanitation, named “Jonmo Kothon” and “Jagoron” are mentionable respectively. About 150 shows of these two street dramas have taken place. On the other hand, three has been a three-day cultural program at Chittagong ShilpakalaAcademy on 27 June to 29 June 2009 by the Children with disabilities.

Mime Group:

The people with disabilities constitute a vulnerable and isolated group; especially, those who are disabled of hearing and speech (Deaf and Dumb) marked by rejection in the society. It was identified through this ALP communication process that deaf and dumb have potentialities to develop their carriers. In this rationale, accompanied by the Deaf and Dumb Children, adolescents and youths, for changing existing social view towards the people with disabilities and concerning on different issues, there is a mime team.

A Green Paintings Group:

“We speak to the heart with the help of Pencil and Colors”— ALP has a Paintings Group. Last year on 13 March to 15 March, in Russian CulturalCenter, there has been a Paintings Exhibition, where this team has participated in. After this national exhibition of the children and adolescents, they were awarded. Other than this, right at the Chittagong Shilpakala Academy on 27 June to 29 June 2009, a three-day paintings exhibition “Ekguccho Alor Bichoron” of the Children with disabilities was held. In the annual conference of a national child organization “Khelaghor” and in its Paintings Exhibition, our teen artists of ALP obtained the first position.


Through propelling with a right-based mission, the development organization SONGSHOPTAQUE has been providing different trainings on “Animator and Live Skill Development” “Rights and Advocacy” and “Gender” for building the better leadership and strengthening the ALP among the ALP members.

ALP in Newsletters:

The members of ALPs have the access to publishing their quarterly Newsletter “Amra Alor Pothey”, in addition. All of the articles, features, stories and poems are being edited, written and also published by the children and adolescents of ALPs themselves. They, furthermore, participating in the one the child belles-letters “Toibombur” regularly.