SONGSHOPTAQUE is a Social, Cultural and development organization that has been working in CHITTAGONG(both urban and rural) for up-righting the living standard of the persons with disabilities. Through propelling with a right-based mission, the development organization SONGSHOPTAQUE has been functioning with enormous participation of disadvantaged people since 2000. We believe in integrated and right-based work approach for the overall development of the country. The first and main objective of SONGSHOPTAQUE is to establish rights of the marginalized (people with disabilities, children, adolescents and women, ethnic minority, hardcore poor) people of our society. SONGSHOPTAQUE creates awareness on different issues through cultural activities, which is an effective development tool in the current development arena.

Songshoptaque addresses the needs of the distressed/disadvantage adolescent and youth in order to mainstreaming into the development process of the country. Songshoptaque has established five resource centers named after Amra Alor Pathey (English meaning is that we are in the course of light of knowledge) for them where they learn, practice and perform. Adolescents and youths are the regular member of these centers where they learn by creating a study circle paath Chakra. They develop their hidden potentials through reading books, newspapers, journals, computers and enjoying movies & audio records. There is a mini library in each resource center. Somebody call this center as recreation center, some call learning center. Whatever the people call it in different names; these are the platforms to raise their own collective voice in a collective way – Amra Alor Pathey. All the activities concerned to ALPs coincided to augment the Self-Help movement to the adolescent & youth. They receive skill development and capacity build up training like sewing, block-boutique, paintings, music, and recitation etc. that are fascinated in accordance with their interest and suitability.

Obtaining these principal Songshoptaque implements several types of Programms and Projects for main stream of persons with disabilities which is elaborately described in submenu.