Karnafui Human Resource Development Institute

Through organizing training, workshop, seminars etc. with state of the art facilities for Human Resources Development— Songshoptaque feels proud as it works to widen its expertise by establishing a Human Resource Development Institute entitled “Karnafuli Human Resource Development Institute” in 2006. Since its inception; this institute has been providing residential/non-residential training facilities at a convenient rate to different government and non-government organizations for arranging trainings, workshops, seminars and symposia. Ultimate goal of the institute is to be functioning as source of multi disciplinary development needs of all the development organization, institutions and individuals.  

Ongoing Activities of Karnafuli-HRDI:

  1. Development of various training course & modules;
  2. Conduct different training courses;
  3. Sharing Development ideas;
  4. Networking & Rapport building;
  5. Arranging workshops, meetings, seminars and symposia;
  6. Providing technical assistance to fellow NGOs in developing polices and manual;
  7. Functioning as a convenient residential training venue for development partners.

 Future Plan of Karnafuli-HRDI:

  • Promotion and conduct of international standard development courses;
  • Conducting Research on Development Issues and Professionalism;
  • Provide consultancy through developing a panel of resource person;
  • Work as a sources of Development Internship for graduate students interested to develop career in development fields; directly or through networking & referral;
  • Establishment of a Development Resource Corner equipped with essential books and publication and online technology.
  • Functioning as an open platform of development thinks and works.
  • Working as recreation zone of and information center for NGO Professionals.

Training facilitated by the Karnafuli-HRDI as mentioned below:

Training on—  Human Resource Development & Management;

Disaster Management;

Financial Management;


Micro-Credit Management;

HIV/AIDS Prevention;

Gender Development;

Human Rights & Advocacy