Project Name: Promotion of Human Rights at Person with Disabilities in Bangladesh (PHRPBD)
Dutatioan : July 2010 – December 2017
Funded By : Center for Disability in Development (CDD)/ Cristian Bilind Mission (CBM)
Goal : To sensitise people, policy makers and civil society organisations in Bangladesh to the potential, leadership qualities and rights of persons with disabilities in order to improve inclusion, equity and access in society.
The project are developing resources and build the leadership qualities of persons with disabilities, their self help groups, apex bodies, and Disabled Persons Organisations (Dopes) and promote the rights of persons with
disabilities by facilitating their inclusion in mainstream development.

It will incorporate the combined efforts of the Government, Dopes and civil society representatives.The project is enabling persons with disabilities to build their leadership capacity through information and training and then to apply their learning via participation in organised groups and Apex bodies. Persons with disabilities also have the opportunity to meet and interact with Honorable Members of the Parliament and the Disability Caucus, regarding rights issues. In addition, the project is providing therapeutic rehabilitation services, eye & ear screening, referrals and assistive devices. Organisational development activities are also planned so that self help groups and the Apex Bodies to continue their initiatives after the end of the project period.
The project are implementing in 2 union of Anowara upazilla. The activity of of the project is develop help help group, capacity development of self help group member, advocacy with union parisad for ensuring social safetynet secutrity for persons with disabilities. Songshoptaque already establish 8 self help group where one is absoulately with female. Following are the self help group ofSongshoptaque