Establish Songshoptaque as a reliable development organization capable to improving the lives of marginalized communities especially women and children in the costal and hard-to-reach areas to improve their socio economic condition.

Songshoptaque Organizational Goal for 2010 – 2015 have some especial features that includes:

Firstly, its programme will focus on the marginalized section of the society in particular the women and children. People with disability are considered as marginalized and their basic rights are often neglected. Hence it will work with the people with disability for their rights.

Secondly, Songshoptaque will take programmes and plans more selectively based on its comparative advantage and skills.

Thirdly, it will give especial emphasis on developing organizational capacities as a means to expand programmes.

Last but not the least, it will strive to reach out to the under served communities in the costal regions.

Consolidate its core competency areas and strive on developing long term programme

Songshoptaque recognizes that its needs to further consolidate its core competencies in child development and disability programmes to develop a long term programme for the disadvantaged people. During this plan period it will take organizational measures to enhances its professional capacities, institutional networking with development partners as well as enhance its grassroots level mobilization activities to give the existing activities into a full-fledged programme.

Expected results of this strategy include:

  • Improved technical capacities in child develop programme including early childhood development (ECD)
  • Develop a comprehensive development programme on child development and disabilities rights
  • Extablish and operate a centre for the rehabilitation and development of the person with disabilities

Reorganize and scale up finance services to serve the underprivileged women

Songshoptaque is running a small and rather unorganized micro finance activities in its working areas of Anowara. However, it sees a big potential for extending micro finance services as a large section of the community people particularly the underprivileged women still lack adequate access to micro finance. Songshoptaque will need to develop appropriate services and reorganizes the operations in line with mainstream practices. Micro finance services will also improve Songshoptaque’s organizational sustainability.

Expected results of this strategy will include:

  • Reorganize its micro finance operation in line with concurrent practices
  • Mobilize resources to scale up micro finance activities
  • Establish separate management structure for micro finance activities with dedicated staff.

Integration of work in the garment sector with more value added services

Songshoptaque has started ECD related activities with the ready made garments sector. As the garments sector is flourishing in Bangladesh, the need for social services in the sector will continue to grow in the coming days. Songshoptaque during the plan period will take measures to further consolidate its work in the garments sector with rights based programme concepts and issues. It would also like to develop professional competencies to provide value added services including social compliance audit, workers awareness development on a fee for service basis. Oversees buyers regularly need these services as part of their corporate social responsibilities.

Expected results of this strategy will include:

  • Consolidate ECD activities in the selected garments factories
  • Develop and implement rights based programme activities in the garment sector
  • Develop professional skills to conduct social compliance audit in the garments factories


Strengthening organizational management

Strengthen organizational management will get a new dimension in this plan as Songshoptaque will strive to develop organizational excellence in core programme areas.

Besides, we will also focus on improving organizational management through a planned organizational development actions. Development of professional management cadre along with staff development will be key strategy at Songshoptaque. All relevant organizational policies will be updated and put in place. Gender dimensions will further mainstreamed within the organization.

Expected results of this strategy will include:

  • A comprehensive OD process is implemented
  • Organizational policies and management practices are further improved
  • Organizational learning and programme quality enhancement processes are established