Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh
A Social, Cultural and Human development organization

Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Project Name:  Maternity Allowance for poor mother program.

Project Duration: October 2015 to June’2017.

Funding organization: Ministry of Women and children affairs Bangladesh

Project Goal: More of people in rural area of Bangladesh lives in under poverty and women are mainly deprive and a part of mother and children are death their delivery period. So government takes this project to save the rural poor mother.

Project Purpose:  reduce death of mother and children  by awareness raising with  support health center .

  • Aware about mother milk and provide training .
  • Aware to pregnancy mother and family member to intake high protein in pregnancy period .
  • Assist by the health center about Anti natal and post natal support.
  • Aware to receive EPI and family planning .

Project Output: 

  • To provide life skill Training to 100% vulnerable women.
  • To provide IGA Training to 90% vulnerable women.
  • To ensure savings collection and savings management to 100% vulnerable women.
  • To include micro credit of Minimum 30% vulnerable women.

Project working areas:

District Upazila Union
     Chittagong Rangunia 15 Union in total upazila
Boalkhali 09 Union in total upazila
Lohagora 09 Union in total upazila

Beneficiary/Stakeholder: poor women and their family Upazila Women affairs Office, District Women affairs Office, TNO, Union perished in working areas.
Short description:
This project will be continuing training for poor women .
Support to open bank account and money collection.
support to collect poor women .
provide training by specialist like Thana health officer, agriculture officer.

Major Achievements:
To ensure participation of women in training.
Provide 5 days training by training module.
To attend upazila and district level meeting and seminar.
To ensure necessary training for pregnant women and children health.
Ensure to submit quarterly report timely/As per requirement of women affairs.
Include with IGA activity with support of micro credit program to vulnerable women.
To ensure birth and marriage registration