Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh
A Social, Cultural and Human development organization

Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Songshoptaque feels proud to enhance non-formal primary education among the underprivileged
children of our society. Keeping it in mind, it extended its helping hands to meet the Millennium
Development Goals (MDG) of the United Nations by 2015.

Songshoptaque made an intervention of NFPE with technical and financial assistance of BRAC-ESP in Anowara from 2003. In first & 2nd
phase 20 NFPE schools have been established in six villages of Anowara namely Guzara(2),
Haildhar(1), Khaskhama(2), Barakhain(2), Dumuria(1) and Anowara (2).

The third phase of the project stated from January 2011 for next four years the children aged 8-10 years who have never been enrolled in any schools or are dropouts having no literacy or innumeracy

and belong to the poor and deprived families had been
selected to be enrolled in ESPNFPE schools. Class size has
been strictly limited to 30 children per school. Sincere efforts
have been made to avoid children those who have strong
learning disability during the selection of learners.
The program has been monitored regularly by ‘Monitoring
and all technical supports provided by TSS and both
Songshoptaque and BRAC. One supervisor and ten NFPE
teachers had been recruited to runthis program.
At 2nd phase by the end of 2011, no children have been reported to drop out from the NFPE schools.

Three hundred (300) students received NFP education from Songshoptaque operated schools and most of them got 100% readmission into class four of the formal educational institutions.

Among the NFPE graduated students 220 (80 %) were girls and the rest 80 (20%) were boys.
Getting a tremendous success in providing non formal primary education at Anowara, after the
completion of the course, Songshoptaque has extended this program to next 08 NFPE schools in the
year of 2012 to 2016 at the coastal belt of Anowara upazilla.

Objectives of NFPE
Promote Children Education
Ensure Women’s Participation in the implementation and management of Primary education program
Encourage female education
Minimize wastage of time, money and human lives by primary education enterprises in
Support national development toward basic education form.

1. The Children can read and write alphabets.
2. Disable children enrolled in the school
3. Two students received talent pool government
education stipend
4. Increased literacy rate in the working area