Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh
A Social, Cultural and Human development organization

Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh


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SONGSHOPTAQUE is a Bengali word meaning FIRGT TO THE DEATH. It is a social, cultural and human benevolent organization established in 2000 by a group of young cultural activists with a view to improving the underprivileged section of the society through consolidating their knowledge, power and humanity. Through propelling with a right based mission, SONGSHOPTAQUE functioning with the enormous participation of disadvantaged children, adolescents, women and men, poor widow and divorcees and people with disabilities. Initially the organization was focused on cultural activities like music, drama, recitation, mime etc through operating schools. While working in the communities, it felt the need for education of the children of poor families and support for the people with disabilities. Subsequently it committed to work with the coastal community people, marginalized ethnic, minority people and urban slam dweller in the field of child rights, child education, Early Childhood Development including mother and child health, parenting, disable people rights, water & sanitation, women empowerment, food security & climate change in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar,  Bandharban, Khagrachari and Rangamati District.


Songshoptaque envision a society where all human being live with dignity.


 Socio economic development of the marginalized people particularly women and children through empowerment, economic development and social integration. All our efforts are shaped by the principles of human rights, equity and respect.


Work for up righting the present socio-economic condition of our country


            SONGSHOPTAQUE works to
  1. Establish the child rights (Health, Education & Nutrition).
  2. Establish rights of the person with disabilities.
  3. Promote women empowerment, gender balance and legal Aid.
  4. Promote Early Childhood Development
  5. Promote safe drinking water, sanitation and public health.
  6. Conservation of environment including food security and climate change
  7. Develop IGA (Income Generating Activities) and entrepreneurship.
  8. Awareness raising through Interactive Popular theatre (IPT)
  9. Asserting Migrants Rights
  10. Promote rural ICT and good governance
  11. Ensure rights of Garments workers

Members of the Executive Committee

No Name Designation Gender Profession Relationship among them
1. Afroza Nahar Chowdhury Chairman Female Media Person Not Applicable
2. Partha protim Das Vice Chairman Male Business Not Applicable
3 Liton Chowdhury Secretary Male Development Worker Not Applicable
4 Kanci Nandi Joint Secretary Female Social Worker Not Applicable
5. Saikat Barua Treasurer Male Service holder Not Applicable
6 Sumi Barua Member Female Teacher Not Applicable
7. Biddut kanti nath Member Male Teacher (Lecturer) Not Applicable

Current Senior Staff (mentioned by Designation, Sex and Duration in the Present Job)

Name Designation Sex Duration in the Present Job
Liton Chowdhury Chief Executive Male 6 Years
Utpal Barua Admin Coordinator Male 5Years
Agradut Dasgupta Finance coordinator Male 5 Years
Nargis Chowdhury Program Coordinator Female 9 Years
Mohammed Hanif milon Project Coordinator Male 6 Month
Palash Chandra Dash Finance Manager Male 7Years
Rajib Das Area Manager Male 5 Years
Nasir Uddin Program Manager Male 5 years
Pompy Chowdhury Program Officer Female 4 years

Total Staffs of the Organization

Sl. No. Level No Sex Placement
Male Female Head Office Field Office
1. Chief Executive 01 01 00 P Ï
2. Admin Coordinator 01 01 00 P Ï
3 Finance Coordinator 01 01 00 P Ï
4 Program Coordinator 01 00 01 P Ï
5 Project coordinator 01 01 00 P Ï
6 Finance manager 01 01 00 P P
7 Area  Manager 01 01 00 Ï P
8 Program Manager 01 01 00 P Ï
9 Branch Manager 02 02 00 Ï P
10 Field officer/Program officer 01 00 01 P Ï
11 Accounts Officer 03 03 00 P P
12 Training & Advocacy Officer 01 01 00 Ï P
13 Monitoring Officer 01 01 00 Ï P
14 Quality Assurance   officer 02 00 02 P Ï
15 Program Organizer/Field Organizer 08 02 06 Ï P
16 C.H.D.R.P 01 01 00 Ï P
17 Physio Therapist 02 01 01 Ï P
18 Teacher 13 00 18 P P
19 Animator 15 05 10 Ï P
20 Support Staff 04 01 03 P P
Total: Stuff: 61 24 37 16 45

Total Staff position of SONGSHOPTAQUE

Level Sex Placement (Head office & Field based Office)
Sr. Management Male – 7, Female – 1 Head Office – 4, Field Office – 1
Mid-Management Male –05, Female -01 Head Office – 02, Field Office – 04
Entry Level (Field) Male–08, Female – 29 Head Office – 15, Field Office – 22
Support Level Male-05, Female-34 Head Office – 21, Field Office – 18
  •  Micro-entrepreneurship Development Society (MEDS) &
  • Karnafully Human Resource Development Institute (K-HRDI)
  • Kllanny (A Rehabilitation Centre for rural PWDs, disadvantage women & children and rural ICT Center)
  • Coastal DPO Alliance (CDA)

A general committee consist of 21 members is the supreme authority of Songshoptaque. General council, bi-annually for policy formulation & execution of its programs, elects an executive committee of seven members chaired by Chairman. Polices formulated by executive committees are implemented by its volunteers & Executive committee member headed by the secretary / Chief Executive. Chief Executive of the organization is accountable for program implementation, monitoring, evaluation & financial management.

HR Manual, Financial Manual, Purchase policy, Cost Share Policy, Travel Policy, Gender Policy, Child protection policy, Information disclosure policy, Banding policy, Succession plan, Long term Strategic plan, Strategic Business development plan

Accounting Software-Tally, Management Information System (MIS), Personnel Information Management System (PIMS), Micro Credit online monitoring System.

Annual Turn Over / Budget (2015-2016) : BDT 3,20,00,000

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