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Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh
A Social, Cultural and Human development organization

Project Enquiries

Non Government Organization

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Existing Programs

Socio economic development of the marginalized people particularly women and children through empowerment, economic development and social integration. All our efforts are shaped by the principles of human rights, equality and respect.

Songshoptaque is a youth based cultural organization turned development organization. As NGO, it has been implementing a range of development projects and programs since 2003 in partnership with national and international agencies. Some of the major program includes: Empowerment of people with disabilities, Child rights and child education, environment, and women empowerment and economic development. Besides, it has implemented wide range of event based discrete projects with national level organizations.

Name of Projects and Program Major focuses of the Project / Program Measurable / Demonstrable Output / Outcome Where Project Working Donor/s Funding Activity Projects’ are intended to continue
Interactive Popular  Theater (IPT) Awareness Raising Street Drama, Folk Song, Development Theater etc.  Awareness rising on Increased primary school admission rate, Community Legal aid, HiV-Aids, Climate change, WATSAN at project Area Chittagong, Bandarbha & Cox’s bazaar District UNICEF/ Department of Primary Education From 2006 to on going
Pre primary School for the Deaf Children Deaf children inclusive in Education program All children are include in primary education Anowara, Banshkhali, Chandanish Center for Disability in Development From 2014 to continue
Non formal Primary Education Program(NFPE) To give education support to Less Privileged Children 600 children privileged children are graduated & enrolled at local primary school Anowara Upazilla BRAC – ESP From 2003 to continue
Modhur Hasi (Early Childhood Development Program) To give special emphasis on parenting at pregnancy period, Child Development of 0 to 5 years child through child care, SBK & Pre Primary Schooling 1000 mother received received counseling on pregnancy period,    300 children were admitted into primary school and their performance are better than other children Chittagong City Corporation, Anowara, Banskhali, Satkania Upazilla of Chittagong district and Pekua upazilla of Cox’sbazar. Bangladesh Shisu Academy

& Ganoshakkhorata Ovijan, Nayantara Communicatioan, USAID, Save the Children-USA

From 2006 to 2014
Early Childhood Development Support Program-Bangladesh (ECDSP-B) Awareness rising program among pregnant garments workers Garments Base Day Care Center set up for lactating children of factory workers 5600 pregnant garments workers aware in 31 garments and 178 Children are enrolled at Child care and access their rights Chittagong City Corporation Consultancy Songshoptaque and Supported by  PHULKI From 2009 to 2016
Apanjan-MAMA Mother & Child health development Ensure health care support of pregnant mother, infant children & their mother development through ICT Anowara , Chandanish, Patya, Banskhali Upazilla of Chittagong. D-net


From 2013 to 2016
RTI Promote Right to Information Act Awareness raising on Right to Information Act at Local Level Boalkhali





2012 to ongoing
Disables’ Rights Enhancement Through Attachment in Mass media (DREAM) Formation of Amra Alor Pathey -Self Help Organization

Cultural Schooling; Media Linkage, Skill Development, Training, Advocacy Program on Writer Issue

5 no’s of ALP are functioning. PWDs are access their rights through ALP. Chittagong urban area


Anowara upazilla

Bangladesh NGO Foundation, ActionAid Bangladesh

Manusher Jonno Foundation

From 2006 to 2015
PRIDE PWDS are ensuring their primary treatment, get Assistive device & trained CHDRP support PWDS are ensuring their primary treatment, get Assistive device, Education Materials, Stipend etc. Satkania



Liliana Foundation , DRRA From 2010 to 2016
Rural ICT Program Access to information & Technology & Services Develop rural based ICT Center (Karlani)

Rural disadvantage people now access to information & services

Anowara & Banskhali D-net

Manuser Jonno Foundation

From 2011





Karlany (An Integrated Rehabilitation Center for Person with Disabilities) Primary Treatment for Rehabilitation PWDs and pregnant mother, Assistive Device Support PWDS are ensuring their primary treatment, get Assistive device & qualified doctors support Anowara upazila Self From 2011
Coastal DPO Alliance Promote Disable People Organization  at coastal belt Reach at hard to reach area at coastal belt with UNCRPD Anowar

Banskhali upazilla of Chittagong and

Pekua upazilla of Cox’s Bazar

Disability Rights Fund


From 2010 to 2014
PHRPBD (Promotion of Human Rights with Person with Disabilities in Bangladesh) Primary Treatment for Rehabilitation, Disable women health care, Community Mobilization, Assistive Device support. PWDS are eusuring their primary treatment, get Assistive device & trained CHDRP support Anowara upazilla CDD/ Handicap International

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

From 2010 to 2016
Sustainable Environment Development Program Street Plantation

Awareness building, Afforestation, Community Based Fish Culture, Right to Water Movement, Save the River movement., Climate Change issues.




Increased awareness about environment & climate change Banskhali,  Anowara, Satkania upazilla of Chittagong, Pekua upazilla of Cox’s Bazar and Thansi upazilla of Bandarban District. CAMPE, People River Defender (PRD), Chittagong Environment Development Alliance (CEDA), CSRL/OXFAM & Own fund From 2008 to ongoing
Anti Tobacco Campaign Awareness raising, advocacy & Networking A Rickshaw are continuously engaged for awareness raising program . Chittagong Urban & Anowara Upazilla, Bandarban Sadar BATA & WBB Trust. / The Union From 2009 to ongoing
HIV / AIDS & STD awareness & Skill training program To make people aware about HIV / AIDS & STD in garments, community & grass root label 7000 youth & adolescent, 2000 community people were aware on HIV/AIDS & STD. Chittagong Arban




From 2009 to 2013
Adolescent Development Program Make adolescent aware about various issue 1000 adolescent got literacy knowledge. Chittagong Urban Area  ADF/Action Aid Bangladesh From 2008 to 2013
Socio-economic Development & Poverty Alleviation Women Empowerment, IGA and Entrepreneurship development 2051 women are getting this facilities Anowara Upazilla Own Fund


From 2005 to ongoing
Climate Change & Food Security Program Advocacy & Awareness raising campaign, Popular mobilization,  Research & Study, Situation Analysis. Develop a policy brief paper on Food security Vs food Trade.

Build awareness among coastal people about climate change vulnerabilities adaptation & mitigation.

Coastal & Agro Ecological Zone of Bangladesh. IFSN


European Commission



From 2010 to ongoing
Asserting Migrants Rights Union based Migrants Rights Protection Committee formation and activation Protect migrants rights at 3 upazila and 11 union of Chittagong Anowara, Sitakundu and Mirarsarai upazilla of Chittagong RMMRU / MJF From 2013 to 2016
Social Inclusion of Deaf Children and Young People in Bangladesh (SI-DCYP) Promote sign language and rehabilitation of   deaf children through community sensitization and duty bearers responsiveness Established ECD School, Deaf Club, Parents Committee, Provide sign language training Anowara Upazilla of Chittagong district CDD/ Deaf Child world wide From 2014 to 2017
Safe Migration Union based Migrants Rights Protection Committee formation and activation Protect migrants rights at 1 upazila and 10 union of Chittagong Mirasharai, Chittagong BRAC From 2014 to 2017
Sustainable Responsible action for Making Industrial Care


Awareness on Rights based of Garments worker Establish Cafe, STU, TU for 150 Garment factory Chittagong City corporation area Action AID Bangladesh and European commission From 2016 to 2019
Vulnerable group Development (VGD) Women development (IGA, Health, Training and Education awareness) Protect women rights and IGA development in 4 upazila ( Raozan, rangunia, Hathajari and Kawkhali) Chittagong and Rangamati District Women affairs Bureau From 2015 to 2016