Since 2002, SONGSHOPTAQUE has work for deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children, differently able and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities and bring them into the mainstream of society.  It will not be an exaggeration to say that SONGSHOPTAQUE is an outcome of long run youth led cultural movement and this can be a unique example of young people’s contribution. It has closely been working with the people rather than for the people and by the people from the very outset of it beginning.

So far in the western world, Bangladesh has been known as a country of over population, flood, drought and corruption. But these cannot be the actual condition of our country. It has got tremendous success in some part of development activities including Climate Change, Migrant Rights, Child Rights, illiteracy, poverty alleviation, family planning, and media campaign for acid victims etc. All of these achievements are blurred without enormous participation of mass people and SONGSHOPTAQUE is just working there, as it believes that each and every person is equal and has every right to live in this world with dignity .There  should be no room for any discrimination whether it is in the form of gender, caste, religion or region

I am very pleased to share our work, our successes and our challenges, with stories of change by this website and I hope the potential readers while upholding the programmatic status and principles of SONGSHOPTAQUE will help this website.


I feel free to admit all our resource limitation as, what I believe that, we are still to coincide our achievement to the expectations what we have. I personally would like to thank my all colleagues for their dedication in organizational development and Thanks you all for your continued support as we continue our journey ahead….


Warm regards


Chief Executive